About DataConnective.

DataConnective was founded in 2000. I was working with a firm in Dobbs Ferry, NY called Computer Klavier that turned pianos into player pianos with computerized players that also offered recording and playback as well as software that could be purchased from firms such as Disklavier and Pianosoft. I initially developed their website and some internal programs for them to use for messaging.

Around that time I was also working with a number of boating people and developed a site for listing of various bareboat sailing and captained sailing as well as motor yachts. that site was called ebare.com This site operated for a number of years with the owners of the boats bidding for higher ranking on the site with higher ranking being displayed with a more favorable position in the search results. This led me to working with a number of the boat owners and I was able to build individual websites for a handful of the boats.

I next developed a site for a small trucking company to use in load management and keep track of maintenace of their equipment. This system also offer the customers the ability to look at the status of the shipment at any time.

This is over the course of a few years so obviously not enough work to make a living doing this alone.

Around this time I was hired as a programmer for a firm that was at that time located in Grand Prarie, TX. I was able to move up the corporate ladder and one day was named the Vice President of Software Development.

I have kept DataConnective around to make a few extra dollars as well as help some of my friends. One of my more recent projects is Gardens By Adam . Adam does landscaping work for people although during the winter of 2022-2023 he started working for Tyson foods.

For fun, I share my outdoor living space with some gnomes. They can be some mischievous little imps at times, but all in good fun.